Wednesday, February 25, 2009

24 feb 2009

Unbeleivable.. finally thulasi invested in my business with 25k we had chat and i have explained of last 8 yesrs business experience before this i read 4 news papers coverage of success of slum dog millionaire movie met mom at home my brother Sekhar from hyderabd sent my degree and ssc certificates i quickly scanned them and posted at net however i try to control i lost temper at home had water and called akka.

Today earned 280/- single time effect at that office is new turn of events.another guidance from munawar and also gandhi payment followup of laxmi srinivasa and satyam followups did.sent sms to all mesenger friends.

Hat purchased in the evening followup with Knarada for add did today i have scanned handwritings of gunnaiah,Gopal,Malli this amounts to almost 40 writings.
At night met Murali new encouragement noted met that prarapa vegitable guy asnd took his card again.prarapa song sent for audio convertion and had it with murali and copied it too.

Rim recharge cards were a scarcity and purchased note book to have extra things at room already noted.
Some hick up went thru when was not opening but that solved but new one emerged took rest over clients of geocities titupati guide entreis copies got.

Posted new pics at blog of aish,sachin,abhinav,slum dog.


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