Tuesday, February 24, 2009

23 post samayam bala murali krishna tirupati

Again lot of effects for the day got up very late...at tea shop.. Nagur gave 100 card order,Ankama rao father death,Plate purchased dhoop sticks,arieldid calls at market water ppl at auto met enroute watchman and his wife stood up when i was going out again Jyothi ad dint appear? disturabance at k katta when i was reding news paper..called satyam and nageswar rao again siva rathri effect a new thing again flash of more people and more laodge guys and more team for classifieds.

At net thualsi issed but discussion with jana and tarsfered his ammount at icici and applied for adsense new email id created vedukum did some calls at market Khazana,damro,Sangeetha,reliance,ph to lakshmi srinivasa sivarati effect called kaliyuga narada heat effect at market met VIP luggage show room promise got Patel plywoods also promising.

To start that poster for people lot of reorganising work at room did color ads and prarapa pics of 28 ppl identified.
chiranjeevi web guy cell:9291584872 Golden plaza vising card got hat seen at shop
jaybals call TTD trust board members flash of appointing someone for collection of data while sorting out missed data of that big Donor at eenadu to be careful next time.
Avoided Syam on road to know the details of all sitting mals of all parties have some lead at home muralis expectation to call him.
at night that by passing problem was over of muralis friend venkataesh Muralis expectaion of 5 k??
thats how day has passed.


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