Friday, February 20, 2009

20th feb

nabhoto na bhawishathi...sambhawami yuge yuge...once again rally dynamics and needs seen (janda effect,tea and vargam and crackers need) new association with Sridhra,new murali network and that nagur effect and my failure of getting new neanu saitham need noted.

3 news papers coverage seen wished Prathap bhimas,ravi and varadarajan 9490636733,(guuudu,anda-nela-challartchagaa-deena)Jaathi...
..Must remember names to list out...PUdami-....jagati-...
good responce for those yesr calenders ..noted...need of photographer ....met balaji..chiru...janda effect...met that rx guy...he remembers my rally wished Sipayi subra...and ravi...try to cover prarapa event as reporter...abt own things.....failed to give own press...that lady dhobhi kind effect...was great...lunch was not good...surprising jaybals call...isukaa..enjoyed at outside room...

Signature of murali and his daughter...badge effect...many flashes kept on coming...,to note whats stock at hand...laminations etc...

failed to make some at market...and ads at press...poor planning to use cell also...failed to go home and wash..clothes...but new opputunities were that rx guy,sridhar,and names to remember..etc..flashes and send by courier to all rich devotees of balaji...including donors...also. amitabh,reliance and few more richest people..Mittal and also to note..regular richest people to trumala make a survey of who are lord balaji devotees.
idea of lodges and travel agents at tirupati and i need a team immediately at tirupati....Kalupugolutanam needed.
why thulasi is missing???

also to send messages and mailers all my earliar contacts that i have office and can assiast them..

19feb post

At evening most of products profile edited with rates met doctor Sipayi subramanyam he introduced to Dr Ramanaiah cell: 98483-86465 most of other works scanned and posted at net they include my Pan card,driving licence,rni press of vetuku and diclaration works posted.

Afternoon felt quite uneasy developed Kalmakari prints from chandu and gave for Framing called Murali he met with loka there i lost temper at oppsite people called Gandhi,bramha reddy,chennai people of thulasi called home akka gave Sekhar cell number 99489-08181,Jadapala chiru email id and new name of Sivananda that boy Hutch recharge did at paper ad seen vijaya hotel details noted. Now i must have some people quickly.


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