Wednesday, February 18, 2009

j purushottham

This guy is very promising altough he has poor back ground he shown up lot and now leads a respectable and commanding life.
he is running a job placemnt (out sourcing agency)agency and computer institute.he has helped many students thau ngos etc.

he can be contacted cell; 9885612943-9985665184
old judge baunglaw street.

17th feb post

vacated room and quickly went to net cafe at stone house pet walking enroute had egg dosa and effect also seen.called satyam but he dint respond

Return to Tirupati by bus with 2 movies watch enjoyed the jouney with greenery luckily that good day biscits saved me while travel rama murthy book work failedfrom hunger after reaching tirupati felt bored data of who gave me lifts so far written then to cyber cafe gave him all new scans loaded them net was pretty slow connie sent me her new pick.
At group theatre seen Srihari movie hero at ankama rao place met new person of vajarm noted his number .t.raja sekhar sarma- 92916-28137.
at night met Ankama rao got one book free and he recomended and he took 3 laminations from me.


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