Tuesday, February 17, 2009

16th Feb post

Thank god that laxmi srinivasa payment problem looks to be coming to an end with strong commitment from that Ramanaiah and Sudarshans assurance i gave my icici number and they said will tranfer money by wednesday lets see they know how much time i have spent for them so far.After this i went to dr utthama there that gift shop guy Sudha got suddenly so close due to that Chiru pocker calender chat was interesting. Today met Madhava gandhis brother and his anguish letter read also too his address handwriting samples of bhasker reddy and Purushotham got so now i have 28 people handwrtings now loaded to net and utham pic also took.

Felt very disturbed at lodge due to that payment issue luckily that uthams 500/- consolation for the day and also that survey of that sarvesh doctor rerence gave new hope for future also that geetha laminated picture.Hi that tailors expectation also interesting whats his name i dont know is he Raja?

Whats that Tortoise at laxmi srinivasa? paper cutting work at Lodge also important point of today!inrs guidance of sending thru courier and send quote by typed letter are new pointers for the day.


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