Monday, February 02, 2009

scrap,latest scan

ramu naguluri 9177689568,donor pradeep r mafatlal,ennikapoga-vibhedala sega
chalapathi gudur 98484-25439,rx janardhan,99516-16905

Husain has gone beyond art. While he has six decades of work behind him

munawwers guidance:(find a solid financial parties as Partners,Clients,Employees,begin with solid business capiatal)
Bhupaiah watchman
Parashuram net cafe guy,
daggupati nellore guy 93478 27949,
tanguturi rama krishna 09282223333.
nagur 93945-91452
satheesh-pavan 99633-57734
krishna sr 97046-00441.
prarapa tpt boys p murali-99599-99339
lokesh 92481-81810 prarapa
oppurtunities mag 98486-47123
Munawwers call 98855-35152.

gopi kaveri handicrafts- 94416-00485,9908378719/
Daga electronics
98400-59171 res 25359587- off: 28552966
shop 6 karthik complex.riche street.chennai 2
y.srinivas murthy who was with syam and me for darshan at tirumala 98663-59281,

recent attempts failed and success stories

1,dr uthama free lamination support assurance got,2,vijaya laxmi stores??,3,chiranjeevi theme song chanting box (money and time is lost),4,pocket calendars poor respaonse,5,diaries huge investment,rx money is lost,6,n v prasad,7,pasupuleti time but experience gained,8,vvr realtors time is lost but exposure gained to big idols,9,blog to get more money but organised blog 10,to edit veduku with blog,11,satyam luggage,12,lakshmi srinivasa huge money lost ,13,web classifieds at kalyana mandapam,14,small ananda nilayam idols,15,leaflets,baba yoga plan,16,nirmala in time effect,raji,thualsi,corp orders,arcade,ads for theme song,bank loan at nellore,paper vetuku,exapanding analysys team,money,machinary is lacking failre to sell for good amounts,

Success Stories:

1,un expected chennai supply 50 box,2,syam agarbathi,3,thulasi order,200 box order,300 box order,4,3 small idols at micro,5,samsung,6,vyjayanthi,7,sai agencies,8,kondapalli,web classifieds at nellore.

1st feb post

sundays post Press gives lot of updates on many things today i consolidated many things in my blog but missed thulasi at chat due to power failure at naguluri discussed many things about siva temples in india and andhra with chandra sekhar and Swot anaysis did kerchiefs purchased at mor started Pranayama gained much confidence after posting old clients,product portfolio,my action plan,team,swot,effects,agarbathi dealers,word power,donors list,2009 goals, at enquiry from chennai and murali call from nellore chat with edn and naani are things of the day.


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