Saturday, January 31, 2009

30 th jan 2009 post

by 10.30 received call from those frames i called and went to vasu home some problem smelled as rope was missing then on the way faced problem of auto but some how managed to send 20 frames to syam.
Another development for the day is discussion with Anand details noted pics asked and gave his pending amount and i got my poor cash settlement at net lof of chat developments noted morning missed thulasis chat at evening 2 more calender purshased read blog of big b most important development of the day is sent kept 10 diaries at vasu home that guy bank introducer help and negotiation noted.

At evening stomack upset noted calss frNaresh,Surendra inspired mor ning hetero guy Nijamuddin vishu also catching up large data of nri is further more motivation for the day but long stay at tirupati naguluri is confusing me further night construction work and sound was another head ache.


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