Thursday, January 29, 2009

28th post

Nice effects of Baba ramdev yoga guru press card help noted seen Om logo,slokas,yoga,breathing,teacher,gaddam,slapping,long safron towel effect,gaddam,to avoid drinks, have leaflets always on hand,evenmore big idol idea,big artist effect,anil agarwal donor,bhajans effect,to be a trainer,Bhajans effect,blend all religious things.

Mor murali rang up and came with subramanayam old friend but my plan failed to get required data to be careful and refined in future i gave murali ttd diary after net chat and bad spicnter failure effect to be careful in future after this with janardhan to subramanyam place took huge boxesw of 2 sizes and dtdc guy but disapponting rates then to baba meeting at net many things discussed with thula,and edn,sankyo muarali jolted me again with suprice. nice idol seen at gopi kaveri art and with syam to naresh,frames guy and finally to atta guy seen nethra darshan as good thing thats all for the day very promising with twists and turns but consolidated many things for future.


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