Tuesday, January 27, 2009

26th post

after internet surfing joined syam for his fathers cerimony ritual but this day being Solar eclipse some one at naguluri was telling about bad effetcts ok at syam home after lunch posted picture of syam mom and dad also edited much of information at his post known deatils about his sisters etc seen picture albums there and also collected one picture to post on blog.

At net cafe read about ramanayana,mahabharata,and vedas.when we met sekhar bhai he told to concentrate on tanjore art also ,Tirumalaih bioinformatics,recicion effect,stone work power,savings power body language and word power and regular wishing effect noted.then i visited art gallery and seen wall paintings seen rates.jetendra-sekhar_bhn@yahoo.com.

this day mixed hope as conver availabilty problem also solved that new head work and frame at naresh seen laminations hope at usa also new hope and data on large companies in india is new hope.
after this enjoyed that chandra drums power with songs.

25th post

this day being sunday nice things have progressed this is next day after darshan morning to net and fixed there for 6 long hours including chat with thulasi poor computer key killed the spirit seen missed lunch at net cafe seen calender of children art about environment pollution at bayer gave new ideas for kalamakari art to know how many calenders are given in a year to doctors? seen many pictures of kalamkari art at google morning at naguluri dalmathanion dogs movie seen.morning new idea of atm "Take additional care to someone idea".
idea of promoting desktop calender of kalamakri to pharma companies is fast emerging.on the reasearch work is progressing.


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