Sunday, July 01, 2018

Wheres Happiness;

Krushi tho nasthi dubhiksham

I have no clue for this; Silence at Home; Met 2 guys at Wine shop had very healthy disussion about Goa trip and took their numbers ; Edited Blog posts further;
Seen blog posts while enjoying drink; at night also; Each second a argument i dont know how to avoid it;

Participated in new batch again so i had Second hearing of  Digital marketing   class with more people and introductory session they call it demo class; this time got more insight into curriculam for Digital marketing; Met Video editing person there;  Surprisingly NRN called asked about progress this is reall happiness for the day;  Thankfully edited blog posts again after class at home by night 90% is over this is another satifactory work although it took heavy strain to eye; Found unique strategy to delete duplicate content so i cleaned most of them by night; "Krushi tho nasthi dubhiksham"

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