Friday, June 22, 2018

Knowledge further consolidated

Who is this actress; Will hold future; Cooment about her;

swollen foot 

Ateended the class and this time learnt about facebook ads not much impressive ;  Along with Gta H.P gas activation work  new address at Deepthi sri nagar did; pavan called; After the class tweeted; Net at home is even more slower;
Balaji called; Golden pearl inn lady called;
Swollen foot again

Eye sight has further gone down after 2nd sitting of laser treatment;
Golden Pearl ranking and description by was awesome;
I must give ads for Digital media aspirants at districts quickly and go for Fresh Tie UPs;
Quora answers; Work more;  Niel says Learn from mistakes; Removed few  from bLog after watching his Video ; Social media pressence importance known so kept buttons in Blog;
Suprprised to see that Justdial has stuffed 36 key word for Mallisetty handicrafts one listing; also nown in 8 palces keyword can be kept in a web page;

In morning class known that in flipkart just 1 product is enough to start with e com business;
Balaji called for marriage reception at Chevella;
Gone depp for twitter read form their  official site;
Much of spam content removed for the day again and also re submitted very important product content;
Sai prasanna replied to whatsapp msg;


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