Tuesday, January 16, 2018

14th jan 2018 ; wedday;

16th Jan; 2018; Monday;
Bhagyamma Vadina called; saved ph numbers again; kanuma panduga day;
Saved numbers of leftover on hand; whatsapp messages continued; Over reaction by gta night;
Called sunetha and had chat with mama;Seen Spider movie;

15th Jan;  tuesday;
Gtas Chinnanna left; scanned 3 dailies; Known new knowledge on whatsapp broadcast; read Niel patel tips on blog writing;
2 step verifation ads reqd now; PROSPERO group is new thing for the day;

17th jan 2018; wedday

To renigunta trip failed but finally met PSR and got one classified; Evening met Prasad studio guy and known few things; Morning had interaction with Koti at office on whatsapp promotions; stomach trouble in night; emotional outburst on dance programme; Called bhavya coaching;

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