Monday, November 13, 2017

13th November Monday 2017

Mobile portability issue is coolly over;
5 star rating call to Dr satish rao; TPT;
Pavan called;

Missed to take Dayand cell number at bank;
Night called many friends;
Took g plus codes from Arihant and and Merhaba and activated them;
One new Dw from Prahlad shop given activated it;
Morning 1 month old prints took from cafe again; Night agaian 1onth prints took;
ph calls; Kishore; Prasad; Satish; Kamalakar; Cheng;

12th November 2017

Took 1 month may 2017 prints;
met Kishore  but too large session; read november 2016; 
otober 2016; 


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