Thursday, January 26, 2017

26th Jan thursday 2017; Republic day

68th republic day;
Lot many things happend: Unexpected;
Hima vilayam; kavaatu; sakataalu; Gaurava vandanam;

1.Veh engine oil changed;
2.Byke seat cover changed;
3.Met Munawwer; another article;
4.March fast;
5.Recd Ambulence code activated it got another closing;
6. UAE yuvraj;
7. whatsapp parampara continued;
8.Veh washing got done;
9. Met kamalakar; no use;
10.Gave vetuku for Binding and also for Vetuku flex printing;
12. Sakshi;jyothi; The hindu scanned;
13.Met Gopal Mobiles;
14.Called Seenaiah; NRN;
15.Rajani gandha;
16.Filing did at office;
17.Rim top up;
18.whatsapp pics sent to gta;
19.Luckey closing of Ambulence;
20.Veh starter work got done;
21. Republic day Tag pic sent to group;


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