Wednesday, January 04, 2017

eg jan 2017 ads

5th jan thursday 2016

Team is must;Ambush to continue;
Income please;
No noon else dares;
paper distribution work to continue;

Days payouts; and Calls;
Enq at Rly station;
ramana tailors;

From  home;
coh ;
edit and post images for mrds;
Tpr dates of 5 categories;
Nlr dates left over work;
save telanga eads;
post yesterdays blog;


Buy Insulin; Domatera; dosapindi;
At office;
see papers;
naga sai;

ph calls; 
nlr paints;
sri nandini;

4th jan 2017 wedday

Good day:

Morning took long time and posted nellore shops dates work later saved entire andhra districts jan first ads;s to Activated plastics; chat with gta; seen g plus list on hand ok;   Sent Birth day greetings to RKN recd return msg;Payouts from Caterer and mumnaweer received; Distributd papers to some of important people like Sri sai electricals; Noor furniture; balaji Metals; frames guy; Dhyana sai;
Morning very late to field work; met nadini; At meetup place met loka took his number;
TTD diary sold out;
Night last 3 days work nalysed; so far 50 copies at tirupati distributed;

wishes to RKN: 
Call pai
Subba reddy code;


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