Thursday, August 10, 2017

10th August 2017

Jafrullah met and had nice time; My own inititation; Looks like all is gone; Met Meenakshi hotel; Byke parking is a problem; Bath Room light is another head ache;Thanks to the afternoon sleep; Gta replied to msg; Closed one opticals; Met Challa; Visited rly stn;Rangoli flop story; Dw Old man flop again; SR no use; Cell battery problem; Missed BP Tablet; Roamed around under rain in morning had Coffee; Tea; Upma; Seen nabikot; Ravindra nagar areas; Some data retrieved after coming to Lodge; Called Akka next week sankaraiah daugters marriage; Morning took Xerox of kadapa prints;

Just managed yesterday; Hot in the night;
Scanned Eenadu in morning;
Thank god Laptop is working;

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