Friday, July 21, 2017

21st July Friday 2017

One closing gave some inspiration; Problem form Big of ???
i alone can paste 50 posters; manged another 5 sms;
lekhari is ready again with 2 adsense codes; dr pasupuleti Flex seen;
Forgot to note new hoteal at American bar area; Rush seen at  Naga Sai currry point;
ads label ceated;

Morning poster pasting wok continued all alone 18 plus taking them to 148;
2 paper scan; tweeted for K; SENT SMS TO JANA ;

pics posted for Sri Balaji agencies thanks to gta;
Identified spots in TK street;

lekhari stats seen;  500 plus views?
Big poster needed; yes;
New analysys from big of styles;

Manage 5 field calls and 10 sms;
Consolidate e ads;

pragya ca academy tirupati ledu sms sent
kavalenu sms sent
doctorsacademysms sent
Priyanka caterers
sri MD Caterers 
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