Saturday, June 03, 2017

june 3rd saturday 2017;

Connie one of of my online friends posts her status online regularly and her stye of writing is really great; Reply recd from Dojin restaurant; Surprised to see traffic has gone up and touched 500 plus marker;

My wife too had work load daily she need to Cook food clean vessels and wash cloth clean home etc; Quickly scanned days eenadu seen lalitha jewellery big ad again; Bangalore Rx has post poned again;Yesterday night had flash of to concentrate on all front page ads;

Days Ideas; get connected to near by web designer fast; Yesterday nice discussion had with Mr ads guy on boards marketing;  Seen Zaminryot and saved few ads; Had Dosa for tiffen; Sent SMS ;retrieved Eeads old; Uneasy day with heat;

KAVERI SEEDS  3 are me; gta gave ac power saving tips; whats app msgs continued;

Pavan totally absent; loaded eeads again;
ledu file further developed;
aquariums g plus activated;

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