Tuesday, June 13, 2017

22nd June thursday 2017

22nd  June Thursday 2017;

1.Recd Ruchikaraa g plus code activated it;  BUT ITS ? MSG SENT TO PAVAN;
2.Met Sivaiah;   
4.Morning work met Yadav DW; davada problem is evedent;
5.Morning Called Vij Bhaskar; Suresh Vja;
6.eenadu  saving work  completed;
7.july content posted;
8.Business world epaper added to links list;
9.july hopefuls  file loaded;
10.msg sent to pavan jana; Pavan not responded;
11.jana Called back;
12.Llloyd ac guy called;
13.purchased tears plus;
14.Some prints took from cafe;
15. morning g maps work continued;
16. data collected;
17. Nava bharat  Traders shop met;
18.orchestra academy pic took;
19. Met kuppaiah rx guy;
20. met Venkateswara catering guy;

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