Tuesday, June 13, 2017

13th June 2017 tuesday

Krishnapatnam port cheque call rcd;
Met jana at night seen his office;
pavan brought southern spice payout;
Oil and Chicken to home;
water leakage at home; brought veg to home at morning;
chinna called;
msg sent to mr ads;
called few of remote; positives got;
sent sms to ameer; hero; balaji oils;
 2 new t ids;
14 data collected in morning; brought vegitables from market;
jana replied; seen Amarutha bill;  myabcclinic, adgrohair TOOK; partners@getmeashop.com mail sent;

Msg sent to hero motors; called smart tpt; called palavelli; Called chittoor jeweller;

Called event Kraft monday appaointment got; called web guy; called dr Rajesh; msg sent to sri balaji oils; ameer tires;


alain beauty parlour tirupati ledu;
shine  beauty parlour tirupati undi but no pics;
r boutique tirupati ledu;
oho events tirupati ledu


MS residency;
Try remote hamla; sounds; 
cont sms; oils; apurva;oils;
Gopal Hero to followup;


Mr ads followup;sounds
email marketing tips;
seeramsun tweets;
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