Saturday, June 10, 2017

11th June 2017 sunday

getmytailor took;
chemforce mails sent;
Seen Nytimes; 45 new ads saved; Good confidence gained;
lekhari is up; Noresponse from jana; Smart tirupati purchased; night boards seen again; Checked hospital videos;

Web Designers tie up couldnt go ahead;
Fp; rest of June;
Shaving; Tomato; chicken arranged;
lot of standing to avoid leg pains;

Days papers;
Pavan : Jana;
3 g top updid  again
Block sujan residency;
How to get twitter verifications;
Alankrutha  and others can be tried;
Gali muddu krisnam naidu birth day 9 th june; update pending payouts;
check kvpresidency t id;
Monday srisriinteriors;

try remote;
with ctr Jeweller;
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