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Sacred food of Lord venkateswara Book written by V Ramana Dikshitulu head priest tirumala

Sacred food of Lord venkateswara

V Ramana Dikshitulu.

Sacred food of Lord Venkateswara book in English  by penguin 
V Ramana Dikshitulu.

This book is all about Prasadams offered to Lord  the ingredients to be used to prepare prasadams,This book gives an inside view of the ancient rituals of offering food to Lord Venkateshwara, which even today are practised according to the procedures prescribed by the Agama Shastra.

The book covers all the food offerings made to the God from morning till evening, such as the major offerings of Bala Bhogam (in the morning), Raja Bhogam (during the day) and Shyana Bhogam (in the evening); offerings made on festivals and special days; offerings to other Gods in the temple; offerings made at the time of natural disasters and so on.

Sacred food of Lord venkateswara
Sacred food of Lord venkateswara
 The book  gives  information on foods offered to lord  in different savas;
Major foods, Bala bhogam,Raja bhogam, Sayana bhogam  naivedyam etc,

various flowers and  fruits are offered during each season as per  vedas; 
Sacred food of Lord venkateswara

My personal experience with lord darshan  and prasadams ;
Iam a great devotee of Lord Venkateshwara;
From my Child hood i had Darshan of lord Venkateswara many times including journey by boot with friends; After the  dharma Darshan in long que priests  use to offer Rice prasadam  Daddojanam rich in Ghee and spices and Cashew Nuts , Small laddu  was offered as free; 

My brother very influencial use to bring home Special Kalyanam laddus, Jilebi,Vada, and may other rice prasadams like Pulihora  i still remember sacred taste.
please share this and also share your experiences of lord venkanna Darshan;
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