Tuesday, February 07, 2017

8th Feb wed 2017

No noon else dares; failed;

Days trails;
1.Stock failed again;
2.luckey meet of D.Reddepaa Naidu Sri Balaji Agencies;
3.Events red Guy;
4.Closed manasa beauty; 1+1+
5.Met Hansa Lights gave paper;( Found no current issue)
6.Balaji Kitechen Concept(cheque and code got)
7.Hardware shop
8.Steel shop;
Evening calls;

9.Sri Nandhi;
10.Gama color lab; code recd;
11.Naidu Mobiles; exposure;
12.Gave paper to driving school;
13.Prami electricals; circulation;
14.color lab;

Stock; Morning;

rajugari ruchulu at eve;
colour lab; Eve;
Sri nanda; call in morning;
msg DW;
Followup mr ads;msg;
Drving schools;
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