Friday, November 11, 2016

12th nov sat day 2016

12th  November;Saturday; 2016;

Called Gta; Satish known about his tirupati tour;  Raed 2010 blog;Had tiffen and bath and tablets;Posted yesterdays blog; failure at kolkata; threat was Fai fav long return jouney; Bookies not operated; Morning did 3 calls; Hair cuts; Avishkar; Standard chemicals; Purchased leg pads; Night sleep trouble had; other things dint progress. New oint for the day is ladies beauty parlour for JD  verified are above 200;

11th November; Friday; 2016;

11th November; Friday; 2016;

Long ride from lingampally to Abids and took room and tense
Withdrawn 2 k cash from Bank by evening used debit card for petrol and diesel;  Forgot note book so purchased one; 

Sent sms reminder and had reply;
met Kiran and kishore took details; kolkata rx book purchased;


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