Saturday, October 29, 2016

key words digital media and others;

 keyword standing work

spidered data;

Big portals

chances on hand

Shwetha Saree Mandir kavadiguda 18300 Maps jd
Swetha sarees vidyanagar 10 200 jd maps
Sri Ashoka marketing services 5 lakh; maps;
Soni international secunderabad 1 62 000 maps indiamart;
Royal industrial corporation ranigunj 7080 own web site;
Tools and spares Ranigunj 91 700 ;jd;
Metal house 3 49 000  pics; indiamart;
EV Rajaiah 2180 video 2nd place
dominion tools  secunderabad ranigunj;  6980;jd; indiamart; sulekha;
Murali Sanitary Engineering Company  secunderabad 20 400; jd;
Sharada Sarees 862;; facebook;
Excel engineering enterprises ranigunj 2100; tradeindia
Acupressure health care systems ramkote 1060 tradeindia
varsha pharmacy tirupati 43 000
Darbar trading centre ranigunj 18 800, my pics in maps ;jd;
Shades industrial paint shop ranigunj  2190
Chennai steel and home appliances secunderabad 1 07 000; my video 2 nd;
Mohammedali & sons ranigunj 11500  jD;
Seco enterprises ranigunj  2090 maps pics j d;
Astron engg enterprises ranigunj 16 400 ; jd; i mart;
jyoti light house  secunderabad 20 400 indiamart

Hardware and tools jd;
nutty delite secunderabad 759  jd;
lotus impex;
metro eng ent;  jd
taher eng corp  jd;
global eng machines
Solution lifts ranigunj 30 200 ;jd;
Rajkot Engineering Corporation ranigunj  15 900
unique control system 5270
Naim enterprises secunderabad 5520; Indiamart;
Ashokabearings 895  sulekha;
lekhari 23000
vilekhari 16 800
nelloretimes 3030

days left over 29th oct; 2016;

Coffee cup; Buy pen;
tom Plan;
emails pls;

30th oct; 2016; sunday

Diwali day:
Ekheera t id into fold; Digene took; Even on Diwali day worked hard to consolidate;

29th october 2010

3rd day no work; Chanda nagar temple inside pics; called NRN; Singh; Trouble with aswin emerged due his messages to group; he will also reduce now; called dominion madam

Trouble again; Wastage of time? had temple visit; Met mobile shop and checked its entry; night sleep disturbance; collected google standing of some listings;


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