Thursday, October 13, 2016

15th oct satday 2016

Morning had to withdraw amount from bank; Prepared early this time to attend Digital Media meetup  but took new route to reach there; Reached in time surprised with ambience; nice and humorous confient trainer this time;

Seen realtime analytics; importance of affiliate marketing known; importance of emails also known; scanned finely designed broture; this session a really a confidence booster; managed to drop cheque; met few calls got commitments;

Return jouney was really tough with dust and bad roads; on reaching home nice news heard gta got her land patta booksetc; night sit out at regular place was a big head ache with full of smoke unbearable this time;

14th October 2016; Friday;

During the r&d found that google spiders tweets of most follwed one with 3hash tags and pictureswith links; call from sharada sarees received; morning posted one review for sharada sarees; arunwatchco took into fold;

Murali Sanitary;
Darbar Trading ;
Metro rooms;
Chennai home appliances;
The paint shop;
Unique control;

diamondtapes t id;
arunwatchco took into fold;


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