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july 2017 developments



7th issue of vetuku came out;
leg pains?
Project  report further got consolidated so data of listed and non listed entries on hand;
A P library address addresses known;
New strategy to raise  team ad content  developed; 2 ads ran 2 ppl joined;
Renewals have fallen; but good income flow had;
10 plus new g plus activations;
100 places listed out;
Byke engine OIL: TYRE: belt; Phone charger;
More reviews posted;
Can change cover page;
Detail talk for collegues developed;
Cot Repair; a/c pipe;

June 2016 developments;

6th issue of vetuku; 200 copies came out 8 pages?
E filing did for Vetuku;
C A certificate; Done; Thanks to Sekhar babu, NRN,Nestham;
New google  Vising cards new; 10 Bill books investment;
Gollapalli Jatara Visit; z ryot 1 year issues scanned;
Read back google again;
(Head aches; Oruvuri bar; Bar; Owner; Samba)
Field calls 60 plus calls so far;
Postal stamps 1000 plus in reserve , plus Wrapers in hand;
Byke Battery water; pickles;
Pavan continued work; 
Addresss list increased;
Gold chain;
Papers at office organised;
Old clients list;
G plus  verified clients listed out;
ome of Re activation of g plus;
whats app and Cell calls improved; 
2.5 gb top up;
Mobile Phone  got portabilily;
Cell ph data saved;
Gtas Chinnannas visit, Cataract operation;
12 ads ran for investors;
Suffered from Loneliness?

craddle at home?

May 2016 developments;

5th issue with foldings came out;
due to late sacked jana
260 papers posted;
alibabas head ache;
Koti sent papers to home
May satya mess
gtas EYE operation
mahanadu missed;
Blog bindings; gta chinnanna came;
net Blog prints;
id card to Munawwer;

APRIL 2016

4TH ISSUE WITH 16 PAGES; 276 copies posted;
raghu photo art; candy;Heatwaves headache; Power problem; Pavans visit to chandragiri;
fairfeel argument;Buy N save coverage; twitter ads in google seen; MK Interior tension;rajaram sreedhar cell 8331874213;lekhari d W data loading work;alibaba menace;

March 2016
office took; flex; furniture ;rack etc;
lekhari development did; Dw writers data to lekhari; strike;
GCP help of nellore D W;
jyothi coved  lekhari
250 papers posted;
Vij Bhaskar visited tpt office;

Feb 2016

Blocbuster  2 nd issue; with 16 pages and 500 copies;
Muthukur visit with NRN:
Id card Given to S s catering;
Tailors day feb 28
KVB bank account;
Gtas 10 k to

January 2016

FIRST ISSUE; 8 pages; Rami reddys help;
Gta help vetuku KVB bank account; Vij bhaskar pan card help; deleted kamalakar;
postal licence renued; Met subhamasthu; rim zym; rythu bhoomi calender ads; worked with NRN at TPT: rent hike issue;;
Domain lekhari got renued;
90 of zaminryot advertisers listed out;vtk bill books; covering letter;
purchased Butterfly grinder;


PAID 10th instalment for a/c;
28th oct; reception of gtas family and whats app pics; chinspraket problem beagn;
Renewal letter created;petrol problem on return journey night;biryani with gta at hotel paradise wastage;

sept 2015;

new tyre;ganesh chaviti dances seen at Chanda nagar;yadagiri gutta visit; visit to gtas bro house;current standing work of DW:

Aug 2015;

Zaheerabad visit;
g plus activations  work continued;
Laliths and his wifes visit;
hyd visit;


apjs death;
27 g plus activations in a day;
 skht vit with kamal; clay guy; gaurigani function;
33k ppl for flipkart;


gta 2 k;
Ajay visit to nlr and stay for 1 day in my lodge;
Closing of bandar Mithai;
Work with NRN at NLR: Lorry asson;
Magunta Temple visit with gta;Visit to nRNs dauthers college;Vij bhaskars helpof references;Driving Licence work;vsr arcade;DR Jp reddy;Modern stores payouts; SCB biryani;
Took kamalakr to river penna;
vratam at gopals home;nomudaram;
lost temper at Xerox guy
nov 2015
22nd Kotis marraiage and relatives expectation; SHAADI DRESS;


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