Wednesday, April 13, 2016

21st aug Sunday 2016

21st Aug Sunday 2016;

Due to pressure from Gta hair cut managed; Brought home chicken; Most of content work finished; Past analysys did again; 3 districts categories work in the morning did; 45 data of nellore lenivi got consolidated; watched movie with Gta;

20th Aug Satday 2016:

20th Aug Satday 2016:

Morning power problem; Dropped Gta at bank counter had coffee and purchased  Sun glass; called siva,pavan;Met DW naidu; trip to Renigunta has some what fetched managed the days expenses; butTention and confusion pickles problem hungar pangs stomach irritation; Blog prints of august took finally;

19th aug friday 2016

19th Aug Friday 2016;

Visited office Siva came told abt srn new guy; With him recd Nirmal payout;
Surprise shailaja called and had chat for long time; hick up at stockpoint; dropped gta;
reachrge did for cell;
Pavan met but disapeared; took some leaflets to office; Retrieved diclaration of vetuku;

18th aug thursday 2016

18th Aug Thursday 2016;

 Mor data retrieval work managed ;Sudden decicion of leaving nellore; Some luggage left at seenaiahs place started ti Tirupati in hot sin reached safe but heavily tired; Night hick up of Gta had to be faced;

17th aug Wedsday 2016

17th Aug Wedsday 2016;

Small Pay day;

Dileef and pariwar payouts recd and ventrama shoppy and hotel g plus codes activated;
100 plus retrievals continued; dta collection work also continued;
Rejected seenaiahs dinner offer; very hot day; call recd from NRN:

16th aug Tuesday 2016

16th Aug Tuesday 2016;

Buchi trip  saved did almost 10 calls; 100 plus retrievals in night; gta dint lift call;

15th aug monday 2016

15th Aug Monday 2016;

Posted Sundays blog; activated Golden lights and electricals; Tweeted; Called gta; Identified days ad;

nNarayana Samosa saved the day;

Evening with Seenaiah chiken pakoda had;

14th aug sunday 2016

14th Aug Sunday 2016;
satisfied customer base;

Sunday in nellore; Morning met Rajesh sweets,and golden electricals and Balaji Electricals failed naga laxmi provisions; Evening asked chemist gave them paper and leaflet; night seenaih met and took me to a marriage dinner; days expenses partly managed; evening found one cafe good one now i can accelarate retrival of entries;

13th aug satday 2016

2nd saturday:???

13th Aug Satday 2016;
Poor planning is clearly evident ;OK:

Data collection work continued at morning near Stone Housepet succes fully crossed 500 mark;Called Gta; Pavan and Siva dint respond  cell phone charging prolem? Roshine head ache continued;

Golden shake hand of Seenaih continued for 2 nd day  no intimation too? next shop guy A.Sankar came closer gave info abt yesterdays interview guys  DTDC courirer guy Prasad wished and also master printer guy; Seen  Beggars with kashayam and many other inouchs begging; cell phone charging problem was evident clearly to be very careful from now; Diareah head ache why? Kotamitta area exposure;
Computer miss behaviour night;

Days call; 

1.Bharath builders 2 people;
2.Kamati street exposure;
4 ppl at lodge;Lady; manager; Boy;

vij bhaskar and saveer met;

12th aug Friday 2016

12th Aug Friday 2016;

Vara lakshmi Vratham day; sleek lady and  good saree; managed filing forvetuku; Reading zamiryot was real fun;
Night tried to meet subhamasthu; mirror tention etc;

Morning data collection work coninued;Seenaiahs golden shake hand for the day yet managed 100 lenivi sitting at Master graphics; Ad has failed;  Managed few things; trail for stock point flopped but miracle has happend in the form of pasumarthy silks;

11th aug Thursday 2016

11th Aug Thursday 2016;

morning data collection work did;

One new boy joined sent him to distribute leaflets nd he uickly retired evan with Tag; anorhet 2 guys came for interview; Bramha Reddy came and gave waste idea;5 fields calls managed;

Activated venkatrama shoppy; morn ing Blogs posted; eenadu ad for people given again;
data collection work continued in both the sessions; evening met house of english seen their a/c class room;
Room cleaning work did at seenaiah shop booju;scle;  Dosage crossed;

10th Aug Wedday 2016

10th Aug Wedday 2016;
Managed lucky closing of Venkatrama; Managed to attend yanamala meetup; Managed to give eenadu add with edited content; Managed to collect 250 addresses  from field; Transfered leaflets to seenaiahs place; Bramha reddy and kavali guy met; Id card for new guy and me managed; Gave vetuku copy and receipt to Dileef; Siva kept in contact;

Called spectra; Unnessary confusion with Gta at night;

9th aug Tuesday 2016

9th Aug Tuesday 2016;

Flop day!

Crock eats once in 6 months;

Spent long time with organics shop guy; Met Spectra; stomakch trouble added to it time wastatge; yet by night managecd 8 field calls;


flex guy;
ac repair;
Forex guy next;
ac shop; 
srinivas stationery;

8th aug Monday 2016

8th Aug Monday 2016;

Ad dint appear disappointed; Ok colour leaflet and 2k new leaflets are ready by evening; NRN missing totally?; with luck one big closing plus gods gift 500/- got; 

Deputed Bramha reddy for Narravada temple payout but he failed;  Got byke horn ready; Met Seenaiah; Long interaction with Yanmala; Blog posted; Kavali guy met;

7th aug sunday 2016

7th Aug Sunday 2016; Friendship day:

Tweeted; Fish purchased with Gta; Thanks srn babu responded with hope; Called siva and guided him; content created for eenadu ad for monday initiated with S
omaiah; Unable to walk due to leg pains? Analysed August so far;

Roshine call recd again;

AT 6 pm STARTED TO NELLOREreached safe and retired;

6th aug satday 2016

Yes i can Walk!

6th Aug satday 2016;

Morning got up and quickly started to bus stand took bus and reached tpt safe;Friendship day advanced  messages sent to friends  group also known abt how to get out of groups and adding friends; Paid Power bill thank god its less than expected; gta recd funding from her bro; Took 7 days eenadu local copies to office;

After reaching office  searched 1 set of * issues of vetuku set is ready; Pavan met; Paid office rent; With help of Ameen collected DW, and SRO payouts recd so ok for the day; 

Pavan brought another; had good rest in the aftrnoon; Called all collegues; sit out with Ameen and tipped him; venky met at stock point; cell 91545 01659; Brought things fo the day;

More interaction at home; owner greeted he is rotarian; good walkking did 2 times for the day; very hot day;
Nice noons rest; disturbed night sleep;

5th aug friday 2016

5th Aug Friday 2016;

Leaflet  design work finished and few more tips and commitment had from Seenaiah; eggs,and SRO stonehouse pet have fetched; Met Ajay old friend known few details;  Met patnam asst and near by people;Pavani venkateswarlu 9948836247,
Pvs ajay kumar 73821 40328;

Met Dentist; nad gave paper to subhamasthu duvvuru ravindra babu cell 7207216509; around 15 copies distributed for the day; gave 20 copies to kavali guy in morning; yanamla met and gave idea;NRNs daughters birthday; dint meet NRN at Night he also dint call?

This trip success tories;

1.leaflet ready; color hope; 
2.8 th issue 500 copies;
3.seeiahs support and commitment;
5.tag; old stationary shop guy;
6.edited riyaz; scb numbers;
7.DV tv guys exposure value of Logo;
8.venkatagiri road exposure;
9.3 ads ran for people at Nellore;


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