Friday, April 08, 2016

5th July tuesday 2016

Korramenu fish curry:

5th July Tuesday 2016;

Forgot reading glasses had Coffee at Seeco centre this time with NRN scanned the hindu and eenadu sound pollution of autos unbearable; Then to Penna river spent some time there seen storage works there silaphalakam pic took, seen  one old man was very anxious to watch progress;Later tiffen 4 dosa 2 Idli  called pavan Called gta and releived  near penna river: pavan transfered amount later recd sms alert sent nrn to get  cash; 
sticking of address work done with the help of NRN Postal later stamps fixed on craft paper for 100 by me alone; psycho samba came in and gone out quickly aletr his request?;

Flash missed of transfer of cash to vetuku;

Activated shri sairampipes, yadava   gopi Yadav  Dw g plus also activated; One photographer called for google maps recd  his addresses too need to activate him;
Get papers and wrapper and post;

4th July monday 2016

4th July monday 2016

Reached nlr by bus with very less luggage this time had travel boredness anyway but bus seat comfort had anyway; 
surprise Ramireddy was therein NTNs room  later known about his college friends meet up at Tirupati, samachara act details also known  took his byke help met SRO one and two plus stone house pet sro gave paper and wished.

Met Rambabu(He has net now and also assured to do it also helped with some temple ads) quickly had DTP this time Madhava printer managed even papers too  (very hot day  at nellore ) water problem for bottles (known real weakness this time) at night plus sleep disturbance added?

Eve SRO fetched;Cutter purchased plus Fevi stick latter known that old one big one not sticking well at all?

3rd July sunday 2016

3rd July sunday 2016


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