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5th June Sunday 2016

5th June Sunday 2016;


6th issue of Vetuku  80 copies posted new guy met at RMS reddy narendra help was immence; night Singh(took mana anna nandamuri mahanadu issue book took  alambana met and comment of alambana; Purchased medicines etc;
trouble of cell phone;

4th June Satday 2016

4th June Satday 2016;
cool day;
pickles  and powders got;

Activated satya Mess  pavan Rajeswar Reddy met lof of exchange of ideas;
 morning saved address list by  (Back pain)Night addresses printouts took from cafe; santha saved for day; recd 6 th issue and met ss catering; press club; santhapet haredware shop; mirror shop; tel velugu purchased;

Addresses print outs; Stamps; Wrappers; Jyothi add; some field calls;

3rd June Friday 2016

3rd June Friday 2016;

 Throught the day suffered from heat and discomfort;NRN GAVE 2 IDEAS FOR THE DAY THEY NEED TO BE TESTED; As per the plan DTP work got finished for 6 th issue with rambabu this time; 2 kerchiefs; Refil;

Another success of the day is krishna patnam port cheque with spell check but deposited at bank; Pavans success sory at TPT: Nt old clients work continued;
some calls stone house pet; battery water checking managed at night;

Called Rx rama chandra and RX Jana;

2nd June Thursday 2016

2nd June Thursday 2016;
Days major success story is completion of e filing took help from sekhar babu,Nrn,CA,madhu, njamaina nestham; 3 payouts saved the day so bata chappal; stats print and pavans followup made one payout;
Head ache with krishna and singh; Traffic in town with nava nirmana deeksha; new cyber cafe identified;  content saved to pen drive; Nt clients saved; cloth wash; Met seenaiah; Bhawar called;

Quickly got up from Pavans home; Read the hindu and Eenadu Telangana formation day ads seen;
had Tiffen(Rice Pongal came to room and some bloggging files organised) 
Worked with samaba later joined pavan;

Called S S catering;

1st June Wednesday 2016

1st June Wednesday 2016; 

Started from home to nellore by byke this time at 5;45 AM by 10 am reached safe to nellore Tiresome journey; Met NRN Ramireddy ;  Later  met rambabu,madhava, apro singh; Sambiah and Pavan joined later; New mouse purchased;

Took efiling form from Sudha tried for sign in vain evening tried for SRO and day is gone; Slept in Pavans home;

31st May Tuesday 2016

  Govinada raja swamy latest car decoration in tirupati
My latest Pic

31st plans;
laxmi sahiti g plus created in morning; activated bhavani opticals;
argument again; Read some of 2011 blog; Heat?
Called suneetha; owner called; mouse miss behaviour;  Recd medical agency payout; met satya mess; Later one puja artcles shop; at office bouncer from manohar reddy; night travel preparations made at home

30th May Monday 2016

30th May Tuesday 2016;
Morning took GTA to hospital; R&D did on blog in mornng;Managed to post 2 days pending blog; qwickly planned th day; 3 g expired;

RECEIVED CODE FROM BHAVANI OPTICALS; Met harini and he confirme it; hansa paid half; met munawwer;Met Suneetha took pickle and powders;

Pavan confirmed one order; Heat continued and so the a/c; laxmi sahiti met at evening got another address;


29th May Sunday 2016

29th May Sunday 2016:

Planning must improve(to withdraw cash from ATM) Morning got ready for gtas operation and operation was successful completed with in 2 hours during the wait read  old blog record also met few neibours; Return was very tough anyway reached home safe; later Chinna and Suneetha visited home helped gta; Gtas chinnanna was some help all the way;

Night continued reading old blog posts; throught the day stomack trouble; More of A/C usage;
Night IPL match watched for some time;

Blog reading findings were;  I hve really spent very lon time in twitter; Blog writing;

28th May Saturday 2016

Second day of "mahanadu"
seen seaches by volunteers on TV:

28th May Saturday 2016: Morning gtas chinnanna arrived Tpt we received him; night heat and thunder stroms;  Pavan called; met DTP guy in vain;Brought back 2 bindings; Met Id cards guy and Bhavani opticals;

Night with gta shopping did at dmart;

27th May Friday 2016

27th May Friday 2016;
Mahanadu day! very hot again;

Sonovision  2 nd point activated; datri;Vetuku verified; day planned; read abt cataract operation;

26th May Thursday 2016

26th May Thursday 2016;
Just 6 days to go;
days energies gone in:

Morning read May and april 2016 blog prints highlited calls made;Very hot day from morning;  chintapandu head ache;waited in office under unbearable heat receivd vetuku G plus letter; 5 phone calls made and that fetched by datri foods;  Met lights guy got his commitment for monday; took few prints from cafe; managed byke lights work; no news from pavan; met weights guy in vain; Gta got funding;

By night total Blog history prints on hand; jana met cafe night paid him; Neibour hood girl very intelligent; To plan for  a ad campaign; stomach trouble?

25th May Wedday 2016

25th May Wedday 2016:

No field calls for the day;???
Morning another adsense code activated and Bank;

Total Tirupati bundh due that srinivasulu naidu CTO;Took gta to DR J S reddy long wait there total morning is gone met old neibour there; Lost temper at Wine shop later; "Mahanadu" bandobast seen (Police) KKR Sunriseres match seen at night  looklike; hot day again; One more Blog directory binding got done; 2010 leftover prints took; may 2016 latest prints also took; j called twice; NRN called;

Neibour chinna girl came and took chocolate;

24th May Tuesday 2016

24th May Tuesday 2016;

1.Gold chain into fold but had to wait for long time; 2.Id card for new guy got designed  and gave it to munawwer; 3.Recd Harini ad tried for DTP tie up; 4.At office filing work continued; 5. Found good binding guy got 2011 done; 6.Morning posted few more pictures to blog;

Hot day:  7.Took long rest at after noon; 8.Night session took 2010 prints; 9,RIM, Airtel top ups managed; bad fruit juice;

23rd May Monday 2016

23rd May Monday 2016;
1.Met munawwer in night met new person china  had Ok plus order; 2.Prints work from cafe of 2011 completed; 3.Payout recd from Dry fruits; 4,Few more impotant pics loaded to blog; 5.heat and sweat: 6,no noon indulgence;

7,thecreekschool t id into fold; 8,woked in heat harini closed; 9,ameen came to office; 10,Pavan called; 11,Gtas support continued;  12,ad seen and reply had from munawwer; 13,Filing of blog prints work did at office; 14,leg pains; 15,Morning TV coverage of health and fear;

 ...Payout of Dy Fruits; pls;
some imp calls;
cont blog prints
Pavan? Ameen;
nlr travel plans;

Keep that chandragiri kal mandapam;

22nd May Sunday 2016

22nd May Sunday 2016:

Morning called Ameen; NRN: Madhu RB: worked with Pavan at Fish market got commitment from Reddy and Kutty; Met Sonovision had 50% payout; met Madhava Reddy Universal a/c; at office filed 2012 blog data; Seen one kalyana mandapam ad in Eenadu of Chandragiri must take them into fold; Jyothi missed; The hindu took one article of Lord govinda Raja Swamy; Heat all the day;

Night session at cafe 2011 year 150 prints took;

21st May Saturday 2016

21st May Saturday 2016;

@ Home: Morning loaded some ads from Zaminryot; kmsplatworld,xtremecooler,beanzglobal  t ids into fold;

Failed tasks:;Byke lights work ;some important calls krishna catering; J P dental; Binding; delight enterprises;

Pavan shown his disress in night sitout;

Success: completed 2012 printouts from cafe;

Days calls;
Morning met 1.Sonovision (still doubtful), 2.Dry fruits had commitment for Monday, 3.Animal medicals girl; 4.Weights and measures after monday, 

Very sultry day;
Neibours came with relatives Heba;
Food for the day: Mor idli; lunch rice;

>>Attended office twice;

20th May Friday 2016

Yes i can!
full fledge results of TN;Bengal; kerala election came out;
Gave Munawwer veuku id  card and received  his call in night; Called Ameen ,attended office scanned ET and DC the Hindu Missed for the day,

Pavan met at night Sonovision head ache continued; 

Received 2 of g plus codes (Dry fruits, Hansa lights activated them anyway)some confusion but had commitment for tommorow 10;am ;

IE; new thing developed Terms and Conditions to get them signed

3 g activated to lappy and Cell phone had rinis  wish;
Completed 2016 dates totally; 
tweeted abt #bramhotsavam 
>>many  2012 Blog prints took from cyber cafe for the day;
Big Calls pls ;

tweeted; Purchased note Book; ET Scanned;
badtalk for recd from cafe for Bramhotsavam:
At morning #Bhavani opticals g plus activated; #morning rajaram cook  entry edited;

19th May Thursday 2016

19th May Thursday 2016;
Morning few more pics posted to blog; Undertense to close some press ads got ready bit earliar than usual and reached office; Read sakshi and jyothi papers on net so dint purchase them on stands; Poor levels on hand still munawwer  press id card got ready Sapthagiri raju met there; 

Later joined Pavan and ameen and gave rate card to nabee searched for Harini in vain; Rajaram payout received Pavan also brought 2 more payouts and thats the end of the day with meet up;
After noon purchased few things to home few things in evening with 2012 blog prints;

7.jagat chaitanya


18th May Wedday 2016

 Good rain in morning enjoyed watching it by sitting in warandaw; 3 g plus activations did; Again seen 7 colours ad in eenadu; Seen 5 issues ads again : g plus activations for the day are vetuku; sai balaji;  Mobac; Loaded good number of pics again in blog; retrieved 2 months past content of blog; Even in rain Maid and dhobi came; Took pics of car;
At office had long chat with reddy and known about his involvement in community and coverage interest and known about big guys; Brought home few things and tomato soup powder; Jayram and bhawar have called;

later joined Pavan and met lights, Sonovision ,Sapthagiri only saviour of the day is ajay ent payout; distributed few papers at field; Night session managed to take 3 months blog prints and current updates of may 2016;  Met ameen with Pavan,while coming back home tried for milk in vain;


17th May Tuesday 2016

Days flash; More posts of Blog with Description!

Posted at blog morning about Fruits and other important key words;
Ganga Jatara day in Tirupati most of the shops are closed lot of ads in news paper; Fixed flex outside office took pavans help and joined work with him; Seen 2 ADS OF wood shopee; 5 dailies scanned for the day; Cool day so worked in field;

Calls of the day;
1.Flowers guy hope;
2.Sweets; missed file got back:
3.Dharshan Tailors;(Got commitment for tommorow)
4.Medical Agency closed(Satya Mess seen)
4.power solutions;(Real Estates;) failure?
16 new ads on dailies seen later in night did R & d on them for lenivi etc;
In a statement SBI bank has shown cheque details sent for collection is shown   abt Ajay enterprises 
4 months blog prints got into hand from cafe in night; Night met Munawwer;


pudina leaf

17th May Tuesday 2016;


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