Tuesday, December 20, 2016

20th Tuesday December 2016;

20th Tuesday December  2016;

Night over night sleep and got up much earlier;Good day at Nellore;  called  RDO satish; Submitted papers to post office; later took circulation copies from ramabai and tie up for Jan issue also had took pic of madhava; Got RO copy of Krishna Patnam Port; 2 cash payouts Shantilal; Jain gold ( new point of image scan); Met simhapuri lodge and Anurag Lodge; Brush and Gillete razor and top up for Gta; Lot of waiting at bank for cash; rami reddy; antima theerpu guys suggestions; Nellore contacts so far listed out;Madhura sweets 1985

Called lot of friends buy none in contention indulgence and rajni gandha are disturbing work take  decidion fast;
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