Wednesday, December 14, 2016

14th dec wed day 2016

Organised  januaray  vetuku 2017 issue; Blankets to clean regularly EEnadu;
Tpt EEnadu local issue 105 target ads listed out;

2017;Jan issue
activate mr ads; nutty delite;

1.Camera Guy renewal +++; Use phone;
Secret Styles;
Call  Dr J P reddy nlr;
4.Subba Reddy
5. J P dental;
6. Get net prints;
7. Call Pavan
Collect  card from Bhavani opticals;

Bus stand;
Keep mughl e azham content;
Watch Rx file and activate  tpt team;
Other ads on eenadu work to list  out quickly;
ttd diary and calender;
listout other eenadu ads segregated;
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