Sunday, September 18, 2016

nellore recent trip analysys;

Impossible to work without Bykes support;

100;Submitted change of diclaration with the help of Seenaiah;
90; 9th issue of Vetuku  came out with100 copies;
80;Lodge rejection; My temper; Stay in new lodge; distributed 2 copies  to town club Library and Florist;
70;3 nights  stay short cot but less charges:
60;Tie up with Pennatheeram; launch seen;
50;Never to forget eye glass;
40;Head ache of Venkatrama;
30;more knowledge  on movies;
20;Read more on films; NTR: SVR:
10; Activated renigunta furnitures code;
; Girls sitting posture;

2004; gang wars wasepur;
Jharkhand; coal;
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