Friday, August 26, 2016

progress path; patham;

Google visitor prints hope, Vetuku 8 issues on hand and Hyderabad renewals  (take prints) hope with  Byke on hand 8 k to get from field; Color leaflet plus 2 k leaflets on hand;Pavan; lenivi data of around 600 plus; More faster and quikr closings pls;

Vetuku postal power;Adsense  payout to get; gold chain;smart phone;tag power to utilyse; nellore seenaihs office to use with ads; Office at tpt? can any magic happen from T ids?; Use ads power and start adwords power;
Magic from past; gta; Srn;Ajay; koti; Pen media;kamal;jana; gopal funding;thulasi funding;idols biz;rx biikie;blog renewals;micro orders; chalapati;nellore one; vetuku; Max india; singapore visit; 
books knowledge; human relationship points; language and planning power; education and athletics fitness;;;
My Closings team closings nd renewals; paper ads revenue; gta support; twitter; adsense; Pen Media; press cinlec; past;
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