Thursday, July 21, 2016

training to marketing personnel

We have 20 years of marketing exp;
India has growth potenciality;
net has thrown many millionaires;
Thanks to google;google map marker; adsense partner; Voice search; mobile penetration;
garage; facebbok;
We help customers to improve their sales; rating and ranking; leads;
Google (operations 40 countries 70 offices; 55 000 work force)  1987 sep 15;maps; seo; pictures power; timings; riview power;
We give hits to their page at the end of year;
we have 5000 clients base want to make it to 1  lakh;
from rock age of net
importance of google maps;
veuku postal 7 issues; press power; distribution;
need investors;
We are expanding entire india and global;
D w project; already 1000;
youtube videos vedeo content;
Employees can join hands now for future 1000 crore company;

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