Friday, June 24, 2016

june 2016 developments

July 2016

6th issue of vetuku; 200 copies came out 8 pages?
E filing did for Vetuku;
C A certificate; Done; thanks to Sekhar babu, NRN,Nestham;
New google  Vising cards new; 10 Bill books investment;
Gollapalli Jatara Visit; z ryot 1 year issues scanned;
Read back google again;
(Head aches; Oruvuri bar; Bar; Owner; Samba)
Field calls 60 plus calls so far;
Postal stamps 1000 plus in reserve , Wrapers;
Byke Battery water; pickles;
Pavan continued work; 
Addresss list increased;
Gold chain;
Papers at office organised;
old clients list;
G plus  verified clients listed out;
ome of Re activation of g plus;
whats app and Cell calls improved; 
2.5 gb top up;
Mobile Phone  got portabilily;
Cell ph data saved;
Chinnannas visit, cataract operation;
12 ads ran for investors;
 Suffered from Loneliness?
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