Monday, April 04, 2016

9th May Monday 2016

9th  May Monday 2016:
Maid came and anyway; Brushed Pavan long sit out with him at night; i lost temper anyway;
Morning at home seen Koti sent data 2 bags; SRO has fetched; Pavan brought some payouts;
Had to wait for Visiting cards and new address letter pad finally got them printed;

june content work pls; Julia roberts; olympics; A R rahman; luxury cruises;
forms of torture; sharukh khan;
continue to retrive blog prints of 2014 Night;;

Had chat with Mom,chinna,Gta, replies from RKN,Munawwer, kautilyacareers t id took into fold;
warner 9 sixes; 370 sixes so far:

raina and Mccullum batting:
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