Tuesday, April 05, 2016

8th june Wedday 2016

8th june Wedday 2016;

Morning seen zaminryot last 1 year issues and collected 70 plus addresses and coverage of ACB ride also seen; Had Puri potato curry;Coolly managed GSM portability; Paid rent of office; Munawwer and lights payout got;  Et and Eenadu scanned; Filing did at office; Gtas mardanam effect; Ameen called; One enquiry had to vetuku; after noon faced heavy heat and discomfort at home;

Evening prints took from cafe and read them at home; few more linkings to from vilekhari 1 did to blog; NRN called; Address lisr scanned at night; During the afternoon session seen files on hand; freefind Reasearch did; Trauma pavan not reporting?

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