Wednesday, April 13, 2016

6th aug satday 2016

Yes i can Walk!

6th Aug satday 2016;

Morning got up and quickly started to bus stand took bus and reached tpt safe;Friendship day advanced  messages sent to friends  group also known abt how to get out of groups and adding friends; Paid Power bill thank god its less than expected; gta recd funding from her bro; Took 7 days eenadu local copies to office;

After reaching office  searched 1 set of * issues of vetuku set is ready; Pavan met; Paid office rent; With help of Ameen collected DW, and SRO payouts recd so ok for the day; 

Pavan brought another; had good rest in the aftrnoon; Called all collegues; sit out with Ameen and tipped him; venky met at stock point; cell 91545 01659; Brought things fo the day;

More interaction at home; owner greeted he is rotarian; good walkking did 2 times for the day; very hot day;
Nice noons rest; disturbed night sleep;

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