Monday, April 04, 2016

5th May Thursday 2016

5th  May Thursday 2016;
Took bus and reached nellore safe by bus; Lodged in NRNs room monkeys took away my tiffen; Pavan collected 2k payout nd sent it; SMS problem later activated it? gave masters paid for papers and met madhava so its in proces;Gta and seenaiah have called; Dhyanasai cheque got bounced;
Had Chicken fried rice; Unbearable heat throught the day;

Did 5 field calls at nellore kumar jewellers; book shop; customs;
Renewal reminder idea; Eve met 3 guys near SRO Vajrayudham etc; Gave andhra Jyothy adverticement; Purchased lungi;
On a walk to collectorate Took masters( had Tie UP) and paid for news print from patel met Madhava his byke seen horrible heat;

Took photo session enroute  cafe and lunch; called seenaiah again in evening got good info;
Pavan joined at night; received vetuku 5 th issue with foldings this time;
night met ravi; alambana prasad ,oruvuri, met shivam international; had friendly chat with rambabu;

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