Friday, April 08, 2016

5th July tuesday 2016

Korramenu fish curry:

5th July Tuesday 2016;

Forgot reading glasses had Coffee at Seeco centre this time with NRN scanned the hindu and eenadu sound pollution of autos unbearable; Then to Penna river spent some time there seen storage works there silaphalakam pic took, seen  one old man was very anxious to watch progress;Later tiffen 4 dosa 2 Idli  called pavan Called gta and releived  near penna river: pavan transfered amount later recd sms alert sent nrn to get  cash; 
sticking of address work done with the help of NRN Postal later stamps fixed on craft paper for 100 by me alone; psycho samba came in and gone out quickly aletr his request?;

Flash missed of transfer of cash to vetuku;

Activated shri sairampipes, yadava   gopi Yadav  Dw g plus also activated; One photographer called for google maps recd  his addresses too need to activate him;
Get papers and wrapper and post;
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