Wednesday, April 13, 2016

5th aug friday 2016

5th Aug Friday 2016;

Leaflet  design work finished and few more tips and commitment had from Seenaiah; eggs,and SRO stonehouse pet have fetched; Met Ajay old friend known few details;  Met patnam asst and near by people;Pavani venkateswarlu 9948836247,
Pvs ajay kumar 73821 40328;

Met Dentist; nad gave paper to subhamasthu duvvuru ravindra babu cell 7207216509; around 15 copies distributed for the day; gave 20 copies to kavali guy in morning; yanamla met and gave idea;NRNs daughters birthday; dint meet NRN at Night he also dint call?

This trip success tories;

1.leaflet ready; color hope; 
2.8 th issue 500 copies;
3.seeiahs support and commitment;
5.tag; old stationary shop guy;
6.edited riyaz; scb numbers;
7.DV tv guys exposure value of Logo;
8.venkatagiri road exposure;
9.3 ads ran for people at Nellore;
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