Friday, April 15, 2016

3rd Sept Satday 2016

Blog ads idea is fast emerging to write up and design a seperate leaflet; seen roopamspects web site;

1.Eenadu and Zaminryot ads collected from online; later took prints from cafe; 
2.16 data collected from R & R Colony; 
3.Mosquito bat arranged to home cracking sounds;
4.Siva malpractice known;
5.Night session loaded pics to photographer & 
6.NVR saree; took commitment from him; from golden lights;
8.Took 61 prints from cafe most of them are g plus; 
9.met vasavi; Lulu;
10.pen by koteswar rao;
11.Called goel pasumarthy; 
12.Pavan met at night told him about nellore payouts; 13.Invitation by manohar reddy to attend a real estates launch; 
14.Night session collected cheque from varsha; 
15.Spent time in organising files from office; 
16.Mosquito bat sounds; por dinner at night; 
17.Zaminryot failed to publish online magazyne;
18.Purchased magadheera and enjoyed it;
3rd Sept Satday 2016

>>>>>>>>>>>>Meet Roopam spects world;

100;Collect Varsha cheques; Decide nellore travel plan;
90;To distribute leaflet and plan to operate in many areas: 
80;Hope finders to  listout; 
70;Continue to take printouts from cafe;
60;magadheera; Mosquito bat; B complex;
40;Call for g plusCodes;
30 Zaminryot;
20; Days ads if any:
10; F P;
100; buy telugu velugu;
set map of e madhu photographer
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