Monday, April 04, 2016

3rd May Tuesday 2016

5th issue;of vetuku;

***F P;Planning please ! Learn dtp a must;

Recruit team for Tirupati;
Send Pavan cheque to Hyd by courier;
check Janas DTP xerox it:
Bank Clearance of dhyana sai; call Gta;
Travel nellore;

1.Andhra surgicals; EnQ;
3.>>Sunday ads to followup;;
2.get Dtp from jana; Travel plans to NLR?
4.See Koti files;
5.manage to send vendor form;
6.Dhyana sai payout must clear;
7.Cell ph 3 g activation;
8.Meet delight; water; gym;
9.Lenivi file;

11.Keep Pic of nagarjuna;

Meet NRN Seenaiah; Buy News print; masters;
Feed Dtp guy;
Meet madhava;???
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