Monday, April 04, 2016

2nd May Monday 2016

2nd  May Monday 2016:
No field work day 3#

 Learn DTP OR tie up a must;

Seen Zaminryot article on Document Writer; Activated Hotel Nagarjuna hotel g plus; 3 guys came for interviews but i lost temper on guy for casul attitude;
Prints took from morning cafe problem of glass and cell; later stock point saved then again prints took from cafe and gave them to Pavan g plus hits; Mangalam red guy came to my office; Unable to activate 3 g for cell; Called Madhava printer; Paid house rent at morning; Dhyana sai payout still not received; sent pavan brought another payout cheque form ajay ent; Shown postal mailers wrappers to manohar reddy but failed to to jana;
By night jana said he completed and mailed but it hasnt opened on my system to check it later; night again prints took from cafe and scanned them; seen Paadutha teeyagaa and cricket Yousuf pathans carnage;
ajay called nrn called; kamalakars sms ?

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