Monday, April 04, 2016

2nd June Thursday 2016

2nd June Thursday 2016;
Days major success story is completion of e filing took help from sekhar babu,Nrn,CA,madhu, njamaina nestham; 3 payouts saved the day so bata chappal; stats print and pavans followup made one payout;
Head ache with krishna and singh; Traffic in town with nava nirmana deeksha; new cyber cafe identified;  content saved to pen drive; Nt clients saved; cloth wash; Met seenaiah; Bhawar called;

Quickly got up from Pavans home; Read the hindu and Eenadu Telangana formation day ads seen;
had Tiffen(Rice Pongal came to room and some bloggging files organised) 
Worked with samaba later joined pavan;

Called S S catering;

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