Tuesday, April 05, 2016

27th june monday 2016

27th  June monday 2016;

Second day of eenadu ad ran good response had; Paid for ad gave another 4 plus one ad for jyothy; Pavan brought 2 payouts; 2 k cheque got cleared; had discussion with Manohar reddy and Koteswar rao;
Good pay day; Investors leaflet created; Me: Ad Response? repeat again  and pay go for jyothy ad;
Face ad response; call mallisetty;Carry blog print books to office;hindu and et scan, use cell phone;Ganga morning; lic guysall that eenadu advice guy;postal mailers work to begin;
Find  that caterer ganga told;Buy refils;Consolidate; lenivi; F P;suvey9 to check;

july addresses print from cafe; g letter prints from cafe;use cell( S S Catering)

Pavan calls; stph; Baba car; Ram Thulasi; Fishes; meghana, manis cafe;

26th blog print;
what and where to eat?( Morning ok; Lunch; dinner)

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