Monday, April 11, 2016

24th july sunday 2016

1.Fixed a/c water tube;
2.Google plus  cover can be changed is new knowledge for the day; 
3.Met shree lights shown him maps listings at night had his commitment; 
4.No change of anything for the day good afternoon sleep had; 
5.the hindu read poor plan of water during afternoon session; fish head lunch had; 
6.RKN reference call recd and saved it; news of pavan? 
8.ctr guys call at morning rejected; 
9.purchased tablets etc at morning; 
10.met Horn guy; 
11.Visiting cards segregated;
12.Had dosa as tiffen;
13,14,Activated 2 g plus; of sri nirmal and D W;
15,Posted yesterdays blog;eenadu scanned;

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