Monday, April 04, 2016

23rd May Monday 2016

23rd May Monday 2016;
1.Met munawwer in night met new person china  had Ok plus order; 2.Prints work from cafe of 2011 completed; 3.Payout recd from Dry fruits; 4,Few more impotant pics loaded to blog; 5.heat and sweat: 6,no noon indulgence;

7,thecreekschool t id into fold; 8,woked in heat harini closed; 9,ameen came to office; 10,Pavan called; 11,Gtas support continued;  12,ad seen and reply had from munawwer; 13,Filing of blog prints work did at office; 14,leg pains; 15,Morning TV coverage of health and fear;

 ...Payout of Dy Fruits; pls;
some imp calls;
cont blog prints
Pavan? Ameen;
nlr travel plans;

Keep that chandragiri kal mandapam;
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