Wednesday, April 20, 2016

22st sept Thusday 2016

Varada: vaana;  Vaagu; vanka; rain; Floods; jalaashayam; paravallu; pravaaham; Neeru; lotattu; nastam; mumpu; lothattu;

22nd sept Thusday 2016;

Morning  did lot of R & D  to ages file of blog;Miracle again Naga Sai Curries call received later took payout loaded 20 photos and activated g plus at night from home; Took google maps  verification letter prints took from cafe; Sankyo added to my friends group known about medical reps meetup on 25th sept; Pavan called later met varsha at night; New trouble is varsha is not getting verified?Seen pirates of Carribben movie in afternoon poor chicken curry;

Met D W naidu; Ayyappa had commitment but unable to meet him in evening; R & d did on how many closings had for each year100 closings had so far for 2016; Called pennatheeram; Gta called this time; lot of interaction in whatsapp group; Met Swagruha girl this time; Reactivated some of old g plus clients;

Tried to pok into Mahaveer jewellers some shoutings seen inside so came out;
Night twitter R & D did and seen many top following celebs;
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